Patrons at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta enjoy a Covid-safe dining experience in pop-up garden globes on August 5, 2020. LEAH HENNEL


A selection of black and white photographs on display at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Ontario. BRIAN MEDINA

Canada COVID Portrait is a photography project, founded in April 2020, committed to documenting how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of Canadians. The project’s goal is to create a visual archive with images taken in every province and territory to record this transformative moment in history.

To submit your photos for consideration in the Canada COVID Portrait project, please visit the Call for Entries page.

A selection of large-scale images from the project are currently on display at two sites in Toronto, Ontario as part of an exhibition titled “Portraits in COVID Times: Documenting a Nation in Change.” This installation is in partnership with the Harbourfront Centre and is generously supported by the Waterfront BIA.



The project is an open call for submissions asking everyone with a camera – citizen photographers and professionals alike – to create a visual record for the future about what we are experiencing today.

Share your photographs with us that show how life has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carolyn Ellis (left) hugs her mother Susan Watts (right) through the “Hug Glove” on May 10, 2020 in Guelph, Ontario. CAROLYN ELLIS

A circus performer from the Droldadon company performs for the residents of the Habitations de Chambly senior’s residence in Rosemount, Quebec on May 6, 2020. COVID-19 restrictions have meant that theatres and performance venues remain closed. VALÉRIAN MAZATAUD

Katrin Faridani (left) gives her mother a foot massage during a visit to the hospital on May 10, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario. Faridani’s mother was hospitalized with complications from dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic. KATRIN FARIDANI

[This photo was taken] for National Nurses Week in Canada, to remind us of those staring COVID-19 in the eye every day. The compassion and dedication to care that the nurses at the clinic and partner health teams have shown throughout the pandemic is a marvel. DARREN CALABRESE

Residents show their support for medical workers by banging pots and pans in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 7, 2020. During the pandemic, people can be seen on their doorsteps and balconies and at their window expressing their appreciation to those dedicated workers risking their lives for the rest of us. NANCY CALDWELL

COVID-19 tally on July 18, 2020 in Toronto, ON. BRENDA SPIELMANN

Erin Dornan waits in line to walk across the stage at her high school graduation ceremony being held in a field in Upper Onslow, Nova Scotia on June 26, 2020. DARREN CALABRESE